The "intervention walk-off" and human rights in NT  

The "Intervention Walk-off" and human rights in NT

By Richard Downs (Alywarr spokesperson for the intervention walkoff)

6 for 6:30pm
Thurs 24 June
Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Blg 211
Curtin University of Technology.

"When I first heard Downs speak ... I knew that an exciting new chapter in the struggle of Indigenous Australians had opened. One of the most important political events of my lifetime was the long strike by the Gurindji people when they walked off the cattle station at Wave Hill in the Northern Territory in August 1966.

"The issues which the Gurindji brought to light — the denial of basic human rights, the lack of proper living and working conditions and the racism — are no different in principle from those described by Downs and other Alyawarr elders since their own historic walk-off in July last year." (John Pilger, April 2010)

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